Established pages have content that has either been peer reviewed by the ADB45 Committee members and TF Resource Volunteers and subsequently promoted or it has been drawn from peer reviewed research reports. Established pages cannot be edited, but the talk page is open for comments, suggestions, or concerns.

How does an Incubator page become an Established page?

  1. A TF Resource Volunteer nominates a page for promotion;
  2. The TRB ADB45 Committee Co-chairs appoint three to five TF Resource Volunteers to review the nominated page;
  3. All other members are notified of the nomination and due date for comments on the nominated page;
  4. All comments and suggested modifications are provided to the author or contributor for incorporation into the nominated Incubator page; and
  5. Once the appointed reviewers and the page author(s) reach agreement on the necessary modifications, the page is edited accordingly and promoted to Established.

Although the number of Established pages is small, more will be added. Please check back soon and in the mean time, explore the resources available as Incubator content awaiting review.

Thank you for your interest in the Travel Forecasting Resource.


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