Contributors are all registered users of the Travel Forecasting Resource. The success of this wiki based site rests with the level of participation from the broader travel forecasting community. The opportunities for contribution are huge! Are you working on something related to one of the Topic Circles that you would like to share? Has your agency recently achieved a new level of proficiency with a particular modeling platform that you think others would benefit from knowing of your experiences? Have you prepared a learning tool for travel forecasters within your company that explains the way a transit network should be coded? Are there lessons learned from your agency's recently completed travel survey to share? Can you help to explain the basic principles of a logit model? Do you have ideas for new Topic Circles that should be added? The list goes on and on.

Please register and join in the collaboration! Bringing the most useful descriptions of current and advanced modeling practice together under the Travel Forecasting Resource umbrella for the benefit of the forecasting community.

After you have registered, please provide your additional background information requested on your user page. This information will be helpful in two ways. Readers can refer to your background information while reading your contributions, this additional information will help them understand your perspective and expertise. The TFResource volunteers and staff will aslo use this information to track and analyze the community that is working on the site. We will use that information to direct and fine tune our outreach.

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